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"Why Do I Have Little Self Esteem?" advice written by: Eesha

Updated: May 4, 2020

So you tell yourself that today you will not allow anyone to get to you. You wake up- pump yourself up. You are feeling strong!

Then someone is mean.

You don’t even know this person. Maybe you know them from a friend who introduced you, or maybe it’s a kid or teacher at school— a clerk or customer in a store— someone at a gas station— WHOEVER!

What the heck? They do not know you, but they are mean— they intimidate you immediately— you don’t even know why they are mean.

Usually, this fear comes from you being hurt at some point in your life. Maybe from someone you liked who called you names or laughed at you. Maybe is was a parent, sibling, or relative that embarrassed you— thinking it was a harmless way to tease, but it actually hurt you.

Bullies use methods that were used on them to protect themselves and want often to do the same to others— deriving no joy, but a weird satisfaction for making others feel the way they felt.

Then there are those who actually want to hurt others. These people not only want to hurt you, but want others to hurt you too- and get satisfaction for being the worst kind of bully, gaining a false strength in numbers as this makes them feel justified.

There are many reasons haters hate— thinking they will lose money, family heirlooms— anything of value. We are told it is jealousy— perhaps because they never had the connection you had— or you were placed at a higher love or they simply act out of greed.

Perhaps maybe they are afraid you will be left in a will— and they deserve it and you don’t. Whatever the reason— hate does not come from God. Hate— like mortal sin— draws from within. It forms in the heart— then one is compelled to keep thinking about it— planning how to hurt the person and then they actively act on it. Some may actually believe they are doing this for God— for Jesus.

Yet, it was He who pointed out the above as being bad. But that’s how the human rational consciousness works. They are convinced that being like this is being Christ-like. They have no clarity— all that they see is distorted. You on the other hand, are getting the brunt of it all. Whatever the reason— all you keep thinking is: you did nothing!

So what do “you” do now? Do you stop your brain from thinking? How do you move on? Because this fear or phobia that plagues you, causes you to have to pump yourself up everyday. Maybe you try humor— maybe you try ignoring them— maybe you become a bully too.

First remember, hurting back makes you like them— Oh you heard this already? Oh, okay— then know that God will avenge you and really believe it. God has a better means of dealing with those who hurt you.

You on the other hand— its time you really do believe in yourself and that these things reveal the other person, not you.

“Fools, when will you be wise? He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see?”

God has NEVER let me down! Just remember: “LOVE YOUR LIFE!” No human being has the right or power over your heart— mind— or spirit. We and those who hurt us are accountable for every thought word and deed in our lifetime.

Gain strength from who you are! DON’T look to others for acceptance or BE INFLUENCED BY THESE VERY SAD AND BITTER PEOPLE. Lift your heart high. God has your back and most of all:


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