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becoming eeshan

Being Eeshan comes from within; you must think and understand for yourself, who you are and who/what God is to you.



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 It is imperative that you understand and appreciate the beliefs of ‘any’ religion or spirituality you contemplate. This will give you answers to most asked questions and a broader sense of knowledge, which should lead you comfortably towards understanding how easy it will be for you to begin seeing your life through the transcendental consciousness, rather than strictly through the human consciousness.

After this, you are ready to learn about the Seven Eeshan Mysteries...

Eeshan Mysteries

Image found on Pinterest, artist: unknown


Image found on Pinterest, artist: unknown

the seven eeshan mysteries


the mystery of the holy eucharist

Image found on Pinterest, Alchemical Wedding Sacred Marriage by Emily Balivet

The Eucharist of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife contained in the Cana Liturgy is the ultimate transcendental experience. Because from the moment we consume this precious Sacred Food, it causes us to be ushered immediately into God and God into us, simultaneously. When we consume this Spiritual Food (that contains within it all the Mysteries of the Marriage Feast as intended for our salvation), the energies of mind and emotion that we call thought and feeling, through this introduction of spiritual Light, become a new energy pattern. This energy pattern resonates with, and increasingly conforms to, the Divine inner nature of each human being. This further emphasizes why mortal sin is contrary to divinity, and, thus, condemns the soul to hell.


This in turn, will be manifested differently, since it affects the physical, and emotional being, and since it separates out light and darkness at each level of experience, amplifying, and merging with that which is already light-filled within the self, and releasing and dissolving what is not capable in its essence of joining with the higher frequencies of light. This enables the consciousness that we have held within us for x-amount of years, the ability to change and transform, and desire to become the Divine blueprint God intended for us all along. What this means is that this faith, hope, love, and desire for what Jesus has given us enables us to stay in the state of communion with the Divine Nature of and with God. By living in the state of grace, or purification, we could be living in a sacred and self-aware life on all levels, within this physical realm and beyond. That is why He taught about one’s own inner light being put on a lampstand, so that all may see by it. In this sense, He is guiding our light body, and in turn we guide others back to Him. Only the Eucharist of the Marriage Feast can bring that immortal part of us that can rise above our material world, and its darkness, towards Him, thus making us divinized. This is the means by which we may live transcendentally once again.


Identifying Himself as the “Light of the world,” Jesus revealed He was more than just an enlightened man, but that He truly is God; and He does, as does His Eternal Consort, continue to awaken our inner light bodies with His words the moment we acknowledge Him. Simply put, it is necessary for us to transform back into light to enter into heaven, and that is why there are just a few humans who have been allowed to enter heaven with gross physical bodies: Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdalen. Jesus used His gifts of healing the sick, bringing people back to life, and walking on water to quantify His being the Light par excellence. That is why the connection of our light body to His is vital for eternal life.


Comparing the earthly consciousness with the transcendental, and the need to nourish the soul and consciousness with light food, witnesses to the fullness of the person of Christ as was expressed in His words:


“Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the Bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is the flesh, which [we] will give for the life of the world.”


Thus, this Eucharist is revealed as our “Light Food for the Light Being” within us, which connects everyone with God just as Jesus divinized His Wife, Mary, and desired that through Them, with Them and in Them, we are divinized, and we once again connect to God perfectly.


This is that Light Food which counters the ingestion of the apple which led Adam and Eve away from the transcendental into the physical human consciousness. This and only this perfect Light Food is what is required for salvation for within it is contained the mysteries of God necessary to restore life back to what God intended all the way back to the creation of His most treasured created being—the human being.


Sadly, Christ’s command was ‘not’ obeyed, but, instead, Eeshans maintain that it was altered. It was altered to serve the desires of man, presenting the Eucharist as being only the person of Jesus Christ sans His marriage to Mary Magdalen, Who, though being His passive consort of that time, was necessary as Co-Redeemer in God’s plan. In doing so, it not only cost us the fullness of what Jesus wanted for us, but without the ingestion of the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus and His Wife, Mary as One, we lost the opportunity first, to see clearly the fullness of God’s plan, and, second, the opportunity to be freed from the bondage of slavery to iniquity, and inequality, with discrimination as the consequence for ignoring this truth. This made the power of the truth weak and without cause, lost the power necessary for positive change in the world.


Without the belief in the power of Christ’s life, marriage, death, and resurrection what people received only served to lock them down spiritually even more, since the world knew Jesus and His Wife. This time, God’s people were enslaved within the system of beliefs under Peter in what was supposed to be freedom to soar with the Christs. Often, Catholics are asked this question: “If it’s true that the Eucharist is truly God, why then aren’t you down on your knees before Him in the Blessed Sacrament?” Well, maybe they were moved by the spirit, and saw what they have witnessed was not the Truth, and that is why people do not respond the way that they should.


Eeshans question, “If what was/is taught as truth by the church regarding the Eucharist, meaning that we consume Jesus’ body, blood, soul, and divinity, then why have His people made so little change for the better in the world?” Ironically, Jesus Christ’s legacy is that of peace and love. Where is peace? Where is love? As God is the source of these, we may conclude that without God these moral qualities of mind, heart, and spirit cannot be found. What is true is that we need God to love God, and we need God to love our neighbor. We need the spiritual food Jesus promised, which has to be God and in fact, is God, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of the world and all who are in it. For only with this Food can we be the leaven necessary to lead people back to Jesus and Mary Magdalen.


[Taken from Lesson 80 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]



Lesson 65B

Why Won’t the Holy Eucharist Absolve Mortal Sin



The Sacred and Divine will not tolerate evil. It is against the ‘All’ of Who and what God is. When the Light of God permeates through us, especially in the Holy Eucharist, it gives illumination, knowledge and life to all the layers of our being; therefore, the penalty for receiving the Sacred Eucharist in mortal sin is set in place by God, so that immediately God’s light and presence leaves the soul, since it detects darkness. If darkness is detected, the soul is immediately judged, and one’s whole being is condemned to hell.


As many times as the person had received the Sacred Food and Drink, is as many times as the sin is ‘compounded’ and as many depths in hell that the soul shall be driven down. Does this seem odd?


You would think the Eucharist would void the sin because nothing is impossible for God. Right? Nothing is impossible with God; however, deluding oneself into thinking that God absolves this kind of sin, is as foolish as thinking that one has the right to defame the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Persons and spirit of the Saviors, as though God is on the same level as a human being and will just allow it. Human beings are ‘created beings’ of a fallen nature. They are mortal beings, meaning that their only life is that which God ‘allows’ for the opportunity to have everlasting life. We have no ‘right’ to this life; it is a ‘gift’ to us from God, the Creators, Redeemers, and Sanctifiers.


There are different reasons why people delude themselves into thinking they can receive the Eucharist in the state of mortal sin. First, someone who commits a mortal sin is already deluded, and can’t see beyond himself or herself, let alone see the truth. The longer they are in this sin (even if regret sets in), unless they come back to God with true contrition and the promise to not do this anymore, they can’t, or won’t be able to stop. Because of this, not taking action can, and will, result in remorse. It’s almost as if they force themselves to commit this sin.


Some people who are in mortal sin, can delude themselves into thinking that God understands why they do what they do, and that God is alright with this. This, too, is dangerously naïve, and upon receiving the Eucharist, their sin is compounded. Some joke about going to hell for what they do. They joke that hell is not so bad. These are deluded into thinking that they prefer hell, since it will satisfy their desires, and they will be with people just like themselves. There are also people who think they can’t go back to God, and those who believe that their sin should be allowed despite God’s law. Mortal sin blasphemes God. But good people forced to do evil acts can be forgiven so long as they have contrition and come back to God, in grace. 

Mystery of Forgiveness

the mystery of forgiveness

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© 2021 ERCMSSE

It is important to note here that each time you are exposed to forgiveness and you act upon it, you are raised to another level of Faith. This is the Faith Jesus taught. It is acceptance of that Mystery. The reason Baptism is considered as powerful a Mystery as Forgiveness is not only because we are freed from the “original choice” of Adam and Eve for the physical world and gain a transcendental connection with God through the suffering, Death and Resurrection of the Redeemers-- Jesus and Mary Magdalen, but that the Mystery of Baptism is offered before the age of reason and protects with the grace of the Mystery for a lifetime. In other words, you may be initiated into the Eeshan Faith before the infant/child’s consent, obliging the parents to follow through with and linking this Mystery to all the other Mysteries given to us for growth and advancement towards God through the Christs.


Eeshans believe the Mystery of Forgiveness provides an opportunity to repair actions of thought, word, and deed that manifest as a result of our human consciousness and experiences here in a fallen world. We believe the Mystery of Forgiveness works in tandem with the Mystery of the Divine Eucharist in the Cana Liturgy because the Holy Eucharist is the ultimate transcendental salvific experience. It affects the energies of mind and emotion that we call thought and feeling. With this new introduction of spiritual light, a new energy pattern is formed, which is the source and summit of our lives as the Divine Eucharist provides the necessary food Jesus spoke of to have life within us and the hope of everlasting life with God (see Mystery of the Holy Eucharist). As human beings, on any given day, we have good days and bad days. Our balance as intended by God is out of sync with the Divine blueprint we each possess. Forgiveness requires reflection, great effort, courage, and honesty. But the reward is great as we hear in Jesus’ own words, “One who overcomes shall inherit all things… and I will be their God and they will be My people.”


Jesus says there are two Commandments that we must live by. In Mark 12:29-31 Jesus says, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”


God is Love. We need God to love God. God is a Sacred Balance of Male/Female. We are created with a spiritual/light body that seeks love through transcendence-movement towards God. As physical beings that are out of balance due to the “Original Choice” of Adam and Eve to enter a material world of existence, the Mystery of Forgiveness helps us to fully live God’s two greatest commandments as Jesus taught. To achieve this goal, we must reflect and examine how we live our lives.


We as persons are shaped from our experiences and beliefs in this world. Eeshans believe this Mystery is essential in our aspiration to be the best person we can be. Forgiveness is necessary both to forgive ourselves and for forgiving others. In The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus, as an example to us, prays to God to “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Due to our flawed nature and weak spirituality we must now reflect on our own person honestly and seek God’s help to understand why we do the things we do that causes hurt to others and ourselves.


The Eeshan Religion offers ways to examine and reflect on our personalities, habits, and flaws to best present our hearts to God for healing in this Mystery. To get to the core of who we are before God, it is necessary and often painful to pull back the layers of years of hurts, misunderstandings, willful wrong doings and false pretenses. God has time. Eeshans assure you with faith in this Mystery of Forgiveness you can begin your life again with everything you need.


The 8th Universal Law states, “All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones.” The very powerful Mystery of Forgiveness provides the higher vibrational change that transforms the lower vibrations that dominate the world we live in and challenge us daily. With faith and the grace God provides, we can choose to lift ourselves into the spiritual and transcendental life we are created for.


The Sophia Perennis or Divine Wisdom that is present in each soul, is present in the Divine Feminine who is restoring the Sacred Balance that has been missing. As the Divine Feminine is here in the world, we each have an opportunity to heal, learn, and share the best of ourselves to make this world a better place.


Once you have presented your hearts to God, being truly sorry for your faults and offenses, asking God for forgiveness and for healing, trust that with a firm faith in the Mystery you ARE healed and have all the grace necessary to be the best version of yourself. Now, you must live it with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. You must avoid occasions where negative/harmful behavior is likely. You must attempt to repair all possible relationships and hurtful words and actions with heartfelt apology and/or acts of kindness. God will help you.


Karma is a familiar word used now that relates to the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect. The visible effects of our deeds (good and bad) are given back to us and we “reap what we have sown.” The Law of Relativity is helpful here as it states each person is given opportunities in life for the purpose of strengthening the “Light” or spiritual body within. It is essential with each test or challenge that we remain connected to our hearts when solving the problem. This law teaches us to keep things in proper perspective and understand everything is relative. There are persons dealing with much worse than we are. Use God’s grace and we will see what we are truly made of… we don’t know our capacity for good until we are challenged. We begin to learn who we truly are and what our purpose is.


It is fitting to conclude with the final Universal Law to help understand why forgiveness is necessary. This law states that everything in life has its masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) principles. To achieve a transcendental relationship with God, we must balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves that are out of balance due to the predominance of our physical nature over our spiritual nature. The Mystery of Forgiveness gives us the grace of Sacred Balance that allows our inner wisdom to come to the forefront and assist us to see and be the best we can be to love God, ourselves, and neighbor.


the mystery of matrimony

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To better manifest God’s duality and love between Divine Masculine and Feminine, God decided it was time for the most perfect creation ever. It was time to separate this beautiful being into two in order to love, honor, and cherish one another.


Using vibration (that’s what the word ‘rib’ means) the being was then separated, just as it was formed, in order to create a relational complementarity, and reciprocation, as with all things in the physical universe that surrounded it. Replacing the altered text with true text we present the combined scriptural verse with added Eeshan texts.


“God created mankind [humankind] in his [their] own image, in the image of God He [they] created 'them;' male and female He [God] created them.”

--- Genesis 1:27


Eeshans believe that Paramahansa Yogananda was almost correct in saying (paraphrasing) that due to the attraction of the divine soul within, when separated they became husband and wife, and even though they were transcendental they were in an extraordinary way, as one, in ‘one flesh.’ They acted in harmony, and in unison, in body, mind, and soul; even though they each had a body (not to be confused with a gross physical body), a mind, and a soul; they lived as with one ideal. What he didn’t say was that this was perfection in the sense that they reflected God as perfectly as transcendental beings may, despite the fact they were created beings, with a beginning but subject to a spiritual nourishment necessary for eternal life, without which they would die.


God smiled and blessed the two as one, and told them to go forth and love each other as one never separated, since one who depends upon the other for strength, especially for balance, as each is sacred and balanced in the other. God told them to bring “the fruits of their love as extensions of themselves,” as they were extensions of their Creators. This was to evince thanksgiving, and that they would all be blessed by the one who gave them life. God provided them with the food for immortality so that they would be nourished and remain in the light. This was the first ‘marriage’ called into being, and mirrored God’s perfect and sacred image and likeness, while sharing by being, with and in God.


These beautiful transcendental humans now had the capacity to use reason and free will independently and together as one being. Most importantly, they could “love.” Love was the greatest treasure and power of all they possessed. Since it is love which bound their hearts together in perfect harmony. Love is patient; love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast in the sense of hurting another. Love is not hurtful, but is empathic. Love protects life and innocence. Love is the most powerful weapon against evil and evildoers. Love is sympathetic, but not naïve. Love shows balanced judgement. Love is guileless, candid, and honest. What is the point? The point is that as transcendental beings, or human beings, we are created by God; and God is love. This is key to understanding the misleading and deceptive stories of a punishing God we came to fear according to Christian denominations, the very God Jesus told us to call Father. (Eeshans believe He taught us God is Father and Mother, as He introduced the Virgin Mary as His Mother, connoting a marriage between His Father and Mother).


Perfect unconditional sharing of love, which comes from the heart consciousness shared between transcendental human beings, would bring to the heart an overwhelming, irresistible, feeling of gladness, witnessing to the same perfect exchange of love that God enjoyed with their eternal oneness and love of their consorts.


The separation of the genders called for a safeguard, or directive, which would result in initiating an immortal love between the two, which was not necessary with the singular being. As two, they reflected the wholly sacred balance and love of God, the Divine Being, but because they were ‘created’ they could only ‘mirror’/reflect the divine completeness of God in their shared oneness; whereas, the Divine Consorts were ‘eternally united,’ without beginning or end. This means that as long as they did as God directed they would enjoy what the Divine Consorts enjoyed. God planned that the oneness of this being when it was separated into two transcendental beings would come about only through the sharing and experiencing of giving and receiving the love from each other through, with, and in God. Being they were extensions of God’s love, they couldn’t find total oneness as God intended without involving the God particle-- Blessing as the catalyst.


[Taken from Lesson 121 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


The transcendental Adam and Eve, that reflected God’s image and likeness, were made in God’s image and likeness as true soulmates by the Immutable Law of Spiritual Love and this freed them ‘into God’ with the begetting capability due to the blessing; before God, who could separate into male and female. They were like an androgynous being, since, if seen by the naked eye, they would be very difficult to determine which was which since their love was clearly seen through each and the other.


[Taken from Lesson 142 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


It is beyond comprehension that humans can actually enter into such an unfathomable mystery. One cannot help but marvel at the lengths God has extended in order that we witness and receive the purest of love. The love that the Eternal Consorts share within Their own matrimony, is showered upon us, and seals within our souls, the sacredness, which is the mortar necessary to build, and solidify the male/female soul-mate union within the individual through, with, and in God. This blessing is then experienced physically when this love is manifested in the Mystery of Matrimony between male and female, bringing with it the intended transcendental component. It is this love that balances this male/female dynamic in the relationship, since it offsets the ‘Fall’ to a purely human consciousness and finite relationship.  


[Taken from Summary Point 10 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


If taught by Jesus’ true teachings, the truth would have been carried down through the ages, and humans would have known appearances, like book covers, do not always reflect, or summarize, the contents within them.


We would see the beauty of each gender, that could be recognized as individual, or can be found to be combined as originally found in the androgynous being first created by God, and before separation. And, as physiological studies show, there is a part of each gender in each of us. One may be stronger, and match up with regards to their physical birth identification, or the gender identification that may not show up until sometime after birth.


We believe that the realization of ‘male-female’ equality, where one can find true love, goes hand in hand with the sanctity and expression within marriage of a genuinely true love, being the pinnacle reasons for God’s plan of salvation.


Christ’s marriage was, and still is, more than an example of obligation to establish rights and obligations, and not just for the union of man or woman to each other in this Mystery, or to form a familial bond and procreate, but to establish a foundation for the whole human family. Love between the partners must first be the foundation upon which to build the preceding.


Jesus, being represented without His counterpart Mary, is to dimidiate Him and lends to the absence of an origin to the foundation of marriage, especially as His marriage is the human manifestation of God’s duality and love between Consorts… Jesus’ marriage was a marriage of oneness. He was joined with His Wife wholly and completely as the kind of perfect union described in mystery schools. Theirs was a dynamic of Sacredly Balanced Yin and Yang, male and female. Everything Jesus taught witnessed how God intended Holy Matrimony to be. The vow two people make to each other in the Sacrament goes beyond words. It must be ever present, and displayed in marriage. From this love flows love of family and unconditional love, and from that love flows love of neighbor.


It was most important to Jesus as Son of God, that His marriage to Mary not only manifested a human 'mirror'/reflection that witnessed the Holy, Sacredly, Balanced union of God as Eternal Consorts, but in its wake, would arouse a conscious awareness, which would counter the wrongs of all kinds of discrimination, beginning with gender. Because marriage is truly the two becoming one, not only in the flesh, but as soul mates.


[Taken from Summary Point 1 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]

the mystery
of the
mystical and transubstantial extension
of the christs and the transference of the alchemical words

AfterlightImage 4.JPG

Witnessed by all and photographed, the picture above shows the summation of all chakras from the crown of her head as the mysteries/sacraments flowing from Eesha, following the Ceremony of the Resurgence of the Timeless Kallahs

© 2021 ERCMSSE

On October 23-25, 2013, Eesha, once again, introduced to the world, in an exceptionally mystical and emotional ceremony, the resurgence of Mary Magdalen’s Kallahs (Brides) of Christ. Hence, this solemn occasion would mark the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, or Final Testament, second only to the supramentalization of the consciousness of Mary Magdalen by the hand of Christ Himself.


These women, whose ‘recent’ presence was prophesied, have been conferred with the Sacred Mysteries and endowed with the mystical powers of the Sacraments. They were brought back by the Divine Feminine, in these end times, to be guardians of she who has been awakened to continue Christ’s mission. How do we know that these were the original women who have been awakened by the consciousness of the Divine Feminine to present time? With yearning hearts and a pre-destined calling, Mary, and Her Kallahs, trusted in her belief, and promised that they would always be together; and once Jesus and Mary were reunited, it would be necessary for these women to propagate the Eeshan Religion. These women will assist the Divine Feminine in her efforts to complete Christ’s salvific mission, alongside her once again! Eesha would recognize who they were, and they would recognize her.


With Mary’s encrypted identity finally realized, her title as Eesha can now be claimed. The Kallahs’ true identities were also hidden, and their life as they knew it, was obscured. The reason for this is the prophecy of the Seven Women to be raised up in these end times, and that the peace Jesus brought into the world quite possibly may resound once again.


These words were prophesized in Isaiah 4:1. Taking the prophet’s word in the manner in which it not only predicts the Kallahs of Jesus’ and Mary’s time, but for present time, he says:


“In that day seven women will take hold of one Man [Jesus] and say, ‘we will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach (by men).’”


And He did.


Each Kallah is married to Christ and enjoys the ancient, Kabbahlic, Merkabahalic, mystical marriage of the Lamb, and His Wife in their priesthood, and shall be pundits, having a positive effect on all those who will listen. They share in the sacred union, unlike one had ever experienced before. They are the Kallahs to Eesha, the hidden queen, who carries the consciousness of Mary Magdalen in human form. As extensions of her, they shall be guided by her wisdom; and prayerfully, and with love, she will assist her Kallahs in bringing to an end the cries of injustice.


The Kallahs are likened to the seven golden stars mentioned in Revelation with respective golden lampstands. Though difficult to comprehend with a human consciousness of rational, logical thinking, in this Age of Enlightenment, by the hands of the Divine Feminine, the Kallahs are once again brought back into time.

The Seven Lampstands are Christ’s seven Kallahs (priestesses) who are created by God’s design, and the stars are the Christed Bodies of Jesus and Mary (Co-Redeemers) within their bodies. The Kallahs offer on earth the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife contained within the Cana Liturgy, as celebrated in heaven, which is the Marriage Feast described in the Book of Revelation 1:7.


[Taken from Lesson 27 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


Now, with the return of the Divine Feminine, and through the (unrequited vows) of the Eeshan Mystery of the Mystical and Transubstantial Extension of the Christs and the Transference of the Alchemical Words, which Jesus and Mary Magdalen speak through the Kallahs, can transpire, only through those women and men who have undergone a ‘Subsumation Ceremony’ in which the woman or man called to be a Kallah/Chatan is subsumed into the Sacred and Divine Consciousness of the Eeshan Priesthood, who is then identified as an Eeshan Chatan (Bridegroom) ordained, can they be allowed to carry within her/his person, the bodies of Christ and Mary Magdalen. At consecration, the Kallah/Chatan gives way to Christ and His Wife to speak the precious, sacred, and mystical words through her/him, so the Co-Redeemers become once again the ‘Bread and Drink come down from Heaven.’


[Taken from Lesson 123 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


This Sacred and Divine Union, by the consecrated hands of the Kallah/Chatan, bring with it the fulfillment of the mystery of the birth of the Child born to the Woman in the Wilderness (Rev 12:5) and the One who is like the Son of Man (Daniel 7:13, Rev. 1:13, Rev. 14:14) the Firstborn of the First-Born and the “river of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb.” (Rev. 22:1) “Let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes the Water of life without cost” be filled. “Let anyone who desires, drink freely from the Water of life” (Rev. 22:17).


Our Kallahs, as holy and royal brides of Eesha, the incarnation of the consciousness of Mary Magdalen’s original priestesses, who possess the consecrated mark of the Divine and Sacred Mary Magdalen, under the guardianship of the Sacred and Divine Order of Melchizedek, thus unite the timeless priesthood for the first time with the Divine Feminine. This Sacred and Divine Order of Melchizedek assists in bringing the mission of the Divine Feminine to fruition in these times in order to bring healing to all ailing humanity.  


[Taken from Summary Point 36 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]

the mystery of tela cumi

Image found on Pinterest, artist unknown

Eeshans believe that the Mystery of Tela Cumi is the apex by which all of the Mysteries culminate and nourish the light child, which carries the soul on its journey back to heaven. The Mystery begins with the breaking of the seals with salt water; beginning with the feet, then the hands, heart, and the senses first. Next, comes the anointing of the forehead, which arrests the pituitary gland and makes way for the re-awakening of the pineal gland/third eye. At this moment of reawakening, the person witnesses the Divine perspective of their own life breaking the illusion of the view of the human consciousness.


As previously mentioned, Eeshans believe that even with the ‘curse’ (the original choice which caused mortality), at the onset of death, one experiences, once again, a taste of the transcendental, because the body is dying and one’s own light body is being drawn forward from it. The awakening and decalcification of the pineal gland prepares to release the soul at death, which had been safely tucked away within the ‘gross physical body.’ When the pineal gland opens this time, the soul is called to acknowledge the mysteries of God, Life, and Salvation; which upon professing said mysteries, the path is cleared for the soul to leave the body. It is during this time of decalcification that the person’s life passes before them, while Satan uses this opportunity to discourage and torment the soul. That is why it is necessary to know the Mysteries of God, so the pathway is free of obstacles as quickly as possible. Eeshans believe that in cases where someone is dying who may not know the mysteries of God, that someone be there speaking the mysteries, and, thus easing the spiritual distress and pain of the loved one, or any other person. This is the reason the line, “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death,” was so wisely included in the Hail Mary.


[Taken from Lesson 72 of Are You Still Mine? written by: Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas]


Once the Mysteries are spoken (from the Eeshan Creed), salt water is poured over the fontanelle, so the light body can carry the soul to God.


The process of the soul leaving the body is approximately 20 minutes in time. However, the individual having this experience, is outside of time; where to them, it may seem like eternity.


In for example, a near death experience, this process upon their passing will begin at the return from their near death experience up to their final natural death.


This Mystery of Tela Cumi is considered one of the most beautiful of God’s Mysteries. For anyone present to witness is privileged and blessed to be in the presence of God coming for the soul.



Anointing of the Sick



Eeshans also believe in the anointing of the sick, where the person is prepared in the event of death, but does not undergo the Mystery of Tela Cumi. In other words, unless it is deemed a life or death situation, the seals will not be broken. They will be anointed with the Mysteries said, and a prayer of preparation will be spoken over them. A healing chrism would be used in place of salt water, for the intention is not to break the seals, but to soften the seals in the event that something may happen.


Where most people understand the sacraments to mean the ‘seven outward signs of inner grace,’ which are conferred at different times in life, Eeshans view our Mysteries as seven mystical vortexes on one’s journey back to the transcendental. That is why in putting these teachings together we called them unfathomable Mysteries as they are vast and profound and are aligned with the eutaxy of the One and Only Absolute. 


All parts of these Mysteries are organic in nature for they bring the attributes of a higher thinking of the All in All. These Mysteries should be interpreted as an eternal, cyclical renewal of life, death, and rebirth. 


Every Eeshan Mystery is a gift with corresponding responsibilities, and privileges. One such example of ‘responsibility’ falls under the Mystery of Tela Cumi as what is commonly known as a ‘dying wish.’ Here we find the Mystery encompasses a responsibility some take too lightly and may find it is difficult to fulfill this spiritual inheritance known as the mystical will. These may be instructions given by a person during their lifetime or at the time of their death. These truly benevolent instructions, often communicated verbally to a family member or trusted friend, should be understood to be a solemn promise. Therefore, one should not take this responsibility lightly; and if there is any doubt he/she cannot fulfill this wish, it should be expressed at the time the promise is proposed for consideration. 


Once accepted, it is at the discretion of the chosen recipient as to the best time of fulfillment unless a particular time is specified by the one giving the instructions. At times, because this is not a legal agreement or contract, these wishes may not be accepted by family members and may be ignored. The recipient must decide how important the keeping of this promise is, as many times they will fall under the idiom “don’t shoot the messenger.” This ad hominem is common, where the person acting on the promise is blamed and attacked rather than the person who requested or are requesting their wishes to be honored. 


After the promise is fulfilled, there is no further obligation on the part of the messenger. 

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the mystery of baptism

Being familiar with Easter, questions of baptism have come up. However, baptism is only one part of the Trilogy of Mysteries used in the Eeshan Christening. Below find our response:

1.    Do Eeshans believe that the ritual of baptism in the Church is the only means by which a child can be a child of God?

Eeshans believe the ritual itself was connected to ancient laws. However, Eeshans believe whole-heartedly, that the most sacred being after God is a mother, and that she contains within her being, truth of divine creation and that she is the germ of life and death. Therefore, from when the time Adam and Eve entered into the physical material world and the begetting process was no longer, women became God’s instrument for life; not as a punishment, but as a gift, and because it came from God as a blessing it would have to mirror the most powerful life giving elements of blood, water, and salt, which would connect immediately to God and Salvation. Birthing is brought about through blood, water, and the salt contained within the blood as a covenant between God and the mother. Therefore, the gift of the child from God already is baptized through the mother. Whether a mother gives birth naturally or through cesarean section, that is the child’s first baptism. Eeshans believe, that the divine blueprint is the placenta that reflects the Tree of Life. Throughout the whole pregnancy the child is protected by water and fed by blood. 



2.     Is it true, that by cutting the umbilical cord, the baby is then separated from the divine into the world and this was the reason for a worldly rite of baptism?

It is said, "that the umbilical cord is like the silver cord that links the child to life. It is very important, and is the link to ALL things spiritual and physical of the life of the baby to be born." We find this well expressed in Ecclesiates 4, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” An umbilical cord is a cord of three strands. Therefore, it is easy to entertain these thoughts and in certain cultures, the baby stays attached to the placenta until it naturally dries and falls off itself, keeping the child attached to the divine as long as possible.


In answering your question, for so very long, birth has been viewed according to standards set by patriarchal norms. It would only make sense to some, that it would then fall under the patriarchal view of birth and baptism and the need for the worldly rite of baptism under the human consciousness. In light of these things, Eeshans feel that it is personal choice of both the mother and father. However, for those parents who have not baptized their children, Eeshans believe that through childbirth, the child is baptized a child of God. 



3. Today, it is common for the father to cut the umbilical cord, can this be viewed as the father separating the child from God?


Absolutely not. If anything, it is a very emotional action on the father’s part. Mainly because, at that moment, he is overwhelmed by feelings of bringing his perfect child into an imperfect and unstable world. And that is the father’s spiritual level being played out in the physical material world because their role as protector immediately sets in, as God is now entrusting the father to protect the child. 

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4.    How do Eeshans feel about baptism being link to Noah’s flood? 

According to Catholic tradition, baptism has always been linked to Noah’s flood and the soul being plunged into grace. Eeshans do not draw from that connection, but they do draw from Ecclesiastes 1:7, “All the rivers flow to the sea, but the sea is never full; then rivers return to the head waters where they began.” What we are saying is, the sea is the germ of life and death as is the Divine Feminine. Therefore, at birth the child flows from the living water of the Divine Feminine into the world and back through the blood, as is the Plan of the Redeemers. 


5.   Why is it necessary that baptized people renew their baptismal vows?

This is a Catholic tradition. 


Commentary from Lesson 43: Sacraments of God from Eesha’s book, Are You Still Mine?:


Baptism is a most powerful tool, for it inducts members into the Catholic faith. Because it uses the powerful words, “in baptism you die with Christ and at death you Resurrect with Him,”  Eeshans believe that annually renewing these vows with the way they have been conditioned to be understood overtime (whether one is active in church practice and/or belief) causes one to be overly apprehensive of death, and fearful of questioning or even leaving the Church, and it should not. It has been witnessed, time and again, that these words can actually be powerful enough to lock down one’s spirituality… despite what the heart tells them. Thereby Eeshans ask, was and is this dimidiated sacrament used primarily for the retention of followers rather than providing connection with God? It could be because it provokes fear at the time of death rather than peace. 


6.   Do Eeshans baptize into their religion?

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Yes we do. Baptism is the first of the Seven Mysteries where we connect to a sacredly balanced God. At this time- in following our beliefs- we celebrate the gift of the child by God being brought into the human material world. It is the celebration of the child’s first spiritual birthday as a human being now immersed in not just Baptism, but in Confirmation and with the Holy Eucharist of the Cana Liturgy in preparation for life on earth. These three mysteries (Baptism, Confirmation, and the Holy Eucharist of the Cana Liturgy) are the continuation of the “umbilical cord” which reconnects the child to God.

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In a solemn action, the parents hand the child to the godparents who then become spiritual surrogates responsible for overseeing the child’s connection to God through life alongside the child’s parents re-living the rivers flowing back to the sea, in hopes that in adulthood the child could live and make choices based on God’s question, “Are You Still Mine?”; and at the end of their life, can answer, “I will always be Yours.”

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7.   What if cutting the umbilical cord was/is not an option for the father? 

One must remember that the first bonding, if not by the action of cutting the umbilical cord would be his first touch. This would also cause the awakening of the father’s bond with his child.  


This may be acceptable and considered true even in the case of adoptions.             



8.   How does the Rite of Baptism complete the mystery of “As Above so Below?” 

When the child is baptized by water, blood, and salt through its mother at birth— we identify this rite of passage as connected to the divine origin, as it is invisible, but so truly serves as the Above-since God— sacredly balanced— created this life .


In the Eeshan Mystery of Baptism, blood is introduced by way of the life-giving Eucharist.  Being the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Only Begotten Child— the Divine Masculine and Feminine Redeemers ransom the transcendental consciousness of the child’s light body. As this is done and witnessed by the use of sacred elements of consecrated water containing salt and the blood of the Eucharist, this baptism serves as an outward sign of the re-emergence of its transcendental life. This then serves as the below.



Part II: Eeshan Christening 


Why is Baptism done in union with the Eeshan Mysteries of Chrismation (also known as Confirmation) and the Eucharist of the Marriage of the Cana Liturgy ?


The Eeshan Mystery of Christening finds its roots in the scriptural reference of


1 John 5:7-8, “For there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  


While Eeshans believe it is well possible the Church may have emphasized the exclusive masculine imagery of the Father and Son not only because it was a basic scriptural foundation, but also as a means to reinforce patriarchal leadership and governing structures, Eeshans also believe in a fuller sense that the passage could and should be understood as, 


"The Divine Masculine/Feminine Creators, Redeemers, and the Glorious and Sublime Spirits: and these three are One. There are three that bear witness on earth, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood, and these three agree as One.”


The Mystery of Baptism recognizes that God the Creators— created life.


The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist is the Gift of the Redeemers, who by Their salvific mission, brought back the Sacred Food and Drink by giving us Their bodies and blood— restore the transcendental consciousness.


By the Mystery of Chrism known as Confirmation— the Glorious and Sublime Spirit enlightens and guides us, bestowing strength through Their Gifts, which are necessary for life on earth.


This is what takes place when an infant or child is Christened.

PART III: The Christening of the Consenting Adult 

[According to English Law, meaning a person 18 years or older]


One topic that set up the platform for not having children Baptized, is that the child, “has no choice.” Eeshans believe that up to the age of consent (i.e. mental, psychological, and emotional maturity) the parents have a right and moral responsibility to make healthy decisions for that child.


If there are laws regarding religion and culture— so be it. However, modern times dictate that the age of consent is when a child is capable of making their own decisions, which under the definition of ‘age of consent’ is determined when the child is considered legally competent to consent to the engagement of sexual activity. 


Eeshans believe that Adult baptism washes away the inability to make wise and decent choices and decisions. For many choices are presented in a lifetime from which we must make decisions.


It not only forgives their sins, offenses, mistakes, and the poor choices, which were caused and effected by way of the human consciousness, but actually breaks the pattern of what is known as “Root” sin. These are those sins from which all other sins come from.


Adults who are living according to, or under the influence of a 'human consciousness' while lacking awareness of the transcendental consciousness still desire and have inclinations to ritual. Therefore, Eeshans present the ceremonial Christening of the Inner Light Child or the acceptance of Eeshan beliefs, also known as Confirmation.


Therefore, a name is chosen for the Inner Light Child/body. This name however, would be that which is drawn from one of the gifts or fruits of the Sublime and Glorious Spirit, as its identity is personal to the candidate. These names would include: 









Respect of God
















At this time, a candle is lit and the Inner Light Child is anointed. The anointing— would signify the seal of God being placed on the soul at the time of its choice to accept the Eeshan Mysteries of God; and by his/her voluntary “yes” to acceptance of the Eeshan Creed. The candle represents their desire and enlightenment and the forehead, heart, and hands are signed with Chrism, 'replacing' the mark of the original choice of Adam and Eve who by free will caused the mark of 'the human consciousness' to be placed on their soul. This anointing proclaims this child, by virtue of the Only Begotten Child Redeemers is no longer seen as solely born and on his/her own— as many didn’t have knowledge of or never realized their first Baptism. This is how aborted and miscarried children are saved. For you see abortion by means of blood and water may have cut off life here on earth— but by God’s grace— the child is baptized and returns to God.


When the Mysteries take place in this context, the child not only carries the Begotten seal with a renewed quickening and awakening to one’s original transcendental Life— but has Witnesses to this loving act.

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