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Mary Magdalen, Sacred Mother Divine Teacher written by: Kallah Clare

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

This is a great time of awakening for Mary Magdalen and her Kallah's. We have been given the Mysteries of our Divine Mother/Father, it is the pure union of the Consorts.

Who was Mary Magdalen? Jesus called Her the Beloved Companion and Apostle. She was known by many names through the ages. She was teacher and priestess. She was called Christ Sophia, She is known as wisdom, and knowledge. Today, people are being awakened to the many versions of Mary Magdalen. In Ancient times, She was called Isis and Wife of Jesus, and true Apostle of the Gnostic teaching of Jesus. She represents the Divine Feminine when God created the Universe, She was from the beginning of creation, She was concealed in the first consciousness of our first parents Adam and in the form of Eve.

In a time and era of male control, where women were mistreated 2,000 years ago, the earth was imbalanced; but the presence of the Divine Consorts, Jesus and Mary Magdalen, have now arrived. By their arrival, They would return us to a better way of life, truth, and healing of the soul. Mary Magdalen brought the return of pure energy of light with Jesus, They walked together in union on a path that heals hearts to experience Their Divine Love.

She had a group of strong women She taught close to Her in past time, and now, in this era, as ordained priestesses called Kallahs in the Mystery School of the Eeshan Faith. As we have awakened, the King celebrates the return of His Bride- the Divine Feminine. We (Kallahs) bring a new awakening and teaching for a new time. She has awakened us to renew ourselves, She dwells within our hearts since the beginning of time. She is called the Sacred Mother of the new awakening of the Eeshan Faith.

As the 7 Kallah's we carry the lamp stands of humanity, we possess perseverance- devoting and serving the High Feminine, we are the illuminating lights who bring the sacred intentions into the Universe, so that the Blood of the Divine Lamb and His Wife may be received.

We are the companions of the Divine Feminine and spirit messengers of the lamp, we have poured ourselves and intentions making ourselves whole beings in this time for the Holy Consorts, we have risen from the concealment of our consciousness to reach this point in this lifetime of awareness of our self-awakening. The Divine Feminine will guide her Kallahs for the coming mission.

The Kallahs’ carry the prearranged consciousness forward in a specific time which awakens the energy of the body; this opens the core of who we are and spiritual transformation. This comes through the Divine Feminine speaking through you. She is the sacred Water flowing chalice in this time of Her return. She has worked at the level of the Spirit of full self awareness, She is complete and represents Truth.

She is the Sacred Mother and teacher of the Kallahs and Beloved companion of Jesus, who held Her consciousness of Her past to return now in this time, returning together with Her Kallahs. She is thought to be God’s expression of diversity of men and women’s equality. She is the overseer of all hearts and peace.

You have no idea the trials, punishment and oppression She has endured to return to Her physical form in this time. She has risen up. She can witness to it. Looking at the Divine Feminine, you will feel your heart once again. She has unleashed the truth, so you may re-express your self in who you are.

She is loved and not alone. A new time has come to all who know Her and all hearts open to truth. She will transform your lives. Mary Magdalen has re-awakened.

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