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God Is In Control written by: Timeless Kallah Lizzie

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

So what does it mean, “God is in control?” I recommend reading Eesha’s book Are You Still Mine? to understand better.

In a human consciousness, one may think God caused the current state of affairs with a global pandemic to punish or serve as a negative consequence of human apathy towards God, one another and/or Mother Nature. After reading the book, you will know God being All powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, created a world through Love with Universal Laws. Human beings each have a heart and consciousness that can work together in a transcendental way to see that God could either cause or allow the people of this world to experience a very different type of life right now and all for only good reasons.

I was talking with a friend the other day, who shared a bond forged between two men in her life as a result of a difficulty. I reminded her of a scene in the movie “Evan Almighty,” where the waiter, God Almighty, played by Morgan Freeman asks the mother of 3 who is escaping the lunacy of her husband’s behavior (he hears God tell him he has to build an ark!), "If someone asks for their family to be close, or a relationship with a spouse or child to be better, would God just snap His fingers and MAKE it better? OR would God present opportunities so that SHE/THEY could work to make it better?"

I believe we are in the midst of an opportunity (and really this is an answer to many prayers) to be together, work together and by getting to really know about each other and the issues we are facing, problem solve to make things the way they should be. Americans are leaders, we rise to the occasion and do our best when adversity presents itself. And don’t forget, God hears our prayers and we need God, especially now. We have the Divine Feminine here in a special way now. Let’s ask Her for strength, patience, intuitive problem solving and a contagious sense of humor! We can do this together. We can be amazing!

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