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Thoughts on the Laws of the Universe written by: Kallah Lizzie

So, this morning I wanted to review the Immutable Law of Vibration which states everything is energy, particularly reflecting on the Law of Attraction. Eesha has drawn our attention to how important it is to stay positive as like energy attracts like energy. This means whatever you put into the universe through your thoughts, words and actions will come back to you. Albert Einsten said, "Everything is energy. Match the frequency with the reality you want and you can't help but get that reality." In other words, you reap what you sow.

As I have control and free will over my thoughts, and that's where, frankly, things begin, I can choose to focus on the good I want. Some people would call this prayer. Knowing my God as all-loving and all-powerful I ask for help in creating on this day a positive energy that brings my family and those I work with more joy and awareness of one another. A joie de vivre…

I have been practicing this consciously for a good year now which not coincidentally corresponds to the release of Mary Ellen Lukas' transformative book, Are You Still Mine? "Whenever a timeless mystery enters into time, the most powerful positive vibrations of epic proportion, brings a disruption of negative energies taunting these powers and causing change.”

Its time. And what a year it has been. I have never lived life like this. Number one:I see things more clearly and that's a reflection of the above statement. Change is in our midst due to the truth that has entered into time. I choose to believe I have a special opportunity and the power to create… or manifest as above, so below. It’s not that complicated.

For example, I prayed for my family to stay close: to know the love of God especially in times of loss (both my father and my husband have passed away over this year), and when feeling afraid or alone and confused especially during this trying time of forced separation due to "covid." And you know what happened? We got closer to one another. Working and studying remotely meant spending more time together physically and socially as we shared more family meals together than I can remember. Our conversations have been diverse and all inclusive as we talk about current events effecting us and those around us. We are relating better to one another because we are connecting and know one another better.

This happened naturally due to a thought based in faith. Faith that God hears my prayers and knows perfectly how it will best be manifest. So in a world governed by the Immutable Law of Vibration that so desperately needs to be still and simply know the love of God, I can be that part choosing to do so. I've become a better listener, I have learned more about my kids and their dreams. We have opened our home to friends and family and I sense a joie de vivre that is contagious.

I attribute this lovely phenomena to Eesha. She makes Jesus and the fullness of His teachings real because She is His other half. He taught the Laws of the Universe 2,000 years ago and made them understandable by connecting them to everyday experiences. He showed by His example the power of living a life with only 2 simple commandments. # 1 Love God (Who is Love) with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength and #2 Love your neighbor as yourself. Experience Are You Still Mine? Its time to believe.

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