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Is Fear The Real Virus? written by: EESHA Mary Ellen Lukas

Without the sacred balance- one succumbs to the gravity caused by our human consciousness, and fallen nature. This is what results when safe, proactive steps and common sense are viewed as reasons to panic.

The mind immediately seems to switch to a default proclivity and evaluates everything through the lens of fear. Loving one’s neighbor becomes irrelevant to self survival and we witness people fighting; literally pulling products like toilet paper out of people’s arms and hands in store aisles.

Mass hysteria explodes as rage and fear replace loving kindness, which is viewed as naive and foolish. Some see kindness and calmness as impediments to survival as opposed to an aid.

Let’s calm down, regain composure and behave like the Americans we are when facing a foe like this virus. We are smart- loving and compassionate and resourceful in the face of adversity- rushing in to help those who need us.

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