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Ash Wednesday 2020 written by: Kallah Ignatius

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I am sitting in a Panera Bread, mid-morning, observing and reflecting. It is the start of Lent. Maybe one out of twenty people have a smudge mark on their forehead, but the day is young. I wonder what it means to them?

Or really, what does it mean to me and why do I notice?

I am Catholic by birth (maybe why I notice cultural marks of piety), but I am Eeshan by CHOICE. I always questioned the “rules and regs” of institutionalized religion and when I met Mary Ellen Lukas, she inspired a continuous deeper dive into my faith and spirituality. I participated in her Mystery School, which was composed of a group of driven individuals to explore ancient questions, cultures, and supposedly heretical writings and forbidden texts. Everything was considered in relation to Jesus.... and what a fuller picture of Him emerged!

His love and support of women, and in particular His MARRIAGE to Mary Magdalen and Her foundational role in the following of Jesus was stunning. Mary Ellen/Eesha as a stigmatist and extreme lover of Jesus, had insight that fired me to want to know more. Indeed, She is His Wife and teaches with the consciousness of Mary Magdalen: this was not a “stretch” for me; in fact, I guessed it before She admitted it.

So back to the original question: what is Lent and why observe it? For Eeshans; it is a time to immerse into that special intense time with Jesus and Mary. Were the days getting heavy with an unnamed dread? Were crowds giving a hint of increasing hostility? What was happening?

For me, Lent is a time to live these thoughts... to encounter Jesus and Mary and, once They are met and walked with, I will surely be better for the experience. May I be kinder, a better listener, less judgmental in my thinking, more giving of my time, gentler in my speech by Easter morning. As I accompany Mary to the tomb to anoint Her husband, may I be stronger, more courageous and more like Her. That is my Eeshan Lent Resolution! Care to join?

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