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What The World Needs Now, Is ...Love, Sweet Love... written by Kallah Phillip

It's the only thing that's there's just too little of...

You know how sometimes a song gets stuck in your head and if you're lucky it's a good one? This pop song from the 60's, an anthem to that generation has become imbedded in our culture.

Perhaps another contribution from that rebellious generation of the 60's was to open up the western mind to a different world view; Different cultural values, different religions, a generation tired of wars, religious and otherwise. "Make Love. Not War." Some of them did fight in the war, some protested, others of that generation "tuned in, dropped out," in search for meaning. Sometimes in altered states of consciousness aided by hallucinogenics or perhaps following in the wake of the ecstatic Hare Krishnas. I remember it also being suggested in some mainstream print media no less, that these young people protesting were souls of the young soldiers killed in WW2. It was a turbulent time, rocked by civil rights protests, and race riots as well. The world really did need what there was too little of. Love.

So how is the Eeshan Religion relevant? As The Eeshan Religion of Metta Spirituality & School of Enlightenment, it has always been relevant. Now more than ever. Metta is the extreme lovingkindness of God. Here is the God of Love and the god of love in us and the one we recognize in each other.

Amazing stuff but... what I find even more extraordinary in our religion, incorporated into the Godhead is the Love, the Sacred Love of the Male and Female. "As above, so below." It finds fruition in and makes sacred that union between man and wife, and between all iterations of the male and female qualities in all relationships. Between husband and husbands and wives and wife. For remember we are in a body, but are not the body. This points to something outside the body, something that connects us to "something, someone, "greater' than the self.

Our instincts are for love. From the moment we are born. We can only thrive if loving care is part of the mix.

..."No, not just for some, oh but for everyone."...

As for the other craziness? As Eesha points out in her book "Whenever a timeless mystery enters into time, the most powerful vibrations of epic proportion, brings a disruption of negative energies taunting these powers and causing change."

My faith leads me to believe in the God that watches over us and today we understand that love throughout the prism of the Divine Feminine. Like a Mother, She guides and cautions us and we know that we can always return to Her embrace.

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