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What is Prayer? A Mother's Perspective written by: Kallah Lizzie

I met someone recently, and we shared a few things about each other as we waited for a show to begin. We had mutual friends and developed our conversation to include our families. Years earlier, his life changed through divorce and he was angry. He admitted he never imagined having kids and he ended up having two. A long drive on weekends to see them seemed a burden, until he changed his attitude. He decided the 2 hours back and forth could be used as special alone time-just the three of them, and he made it fun; instructional at times, but his goal was to be a good parent and make the best of his time with them. It changed his life. He became a better dad. His kids are grown now and he’s proud.

I shared with him a similar time in my life. I was mothering my brood of 5 at the time, outside in the sunshine. I wanted to herd them all inside (to set them in front of the TV with a snack), so I could do my "daily prayers." I felt pressured and didn’t really want to do them anyway..."Come on kids! Let’s go inside!" They were all over the front yard, so I walked down closer and as I looked at my 2 year old enjoying the crisp air and saw the sunshine on her innocent, happy face, I felt something well up inside me-- an overwhelming sense that I didn’t need to go inside and “pray.” In fact, I knew my time outside, inside, and anywhere with these kiddos was all the praying I needed to do. I was comparing myself to others, instead of living my own life that I had been blessed with. I realized the best mother I could be was to choose to live more in the moment and see through the eyes of these kids a bit more. And that changed my life. I became a better parent too.

For me, being Eeshan includes learning and sharing with others, making a connection-young and old, strangers and friends. We are better for it.

P.S. I have 8 children now and the little 2 year old is currently a yoga instructor and an Ayurvedic consultant. Living in the moment is important to her. Funny how karma works...

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