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What Is Diversity written by Kallah Clare

People often say “ How boring the world would be if we were all the same” Just as the body consists of various parts all working together to achieve different things, we as Eeshan’s are a diverse people with different skills, gifts, and individuality.

In our Faith, we recognize and value the differences among people, culture, and religions. This is part of being an Eeshan. We develop ourselves so we can be an inspiration to others. Diversity can be part of free will because of the different choices each of us makes and believes (we think differently) in all our decisions. We are different in all cultures, and life styles, and faith. Each one of us in our beliefs and what we believe brings us closer to the person you are or could be in your Faith and life and love.

Jesus taught in all cultures and did not judge who was better. Just as being Eeshan we see the the soul and do not judge, everyone is unique and loved. As Eeshans, we unite all who are different with the Divine Family. Through this unity there is a union we all seek that we try to find ourselves in our humanity and bring us together.


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