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Welcome All! written by: Kallah Michael Joseph

I would like to tell all that one of the most precious gifts of the Eeshan Religion to me is that it welcomes all guests present at the Cana Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife to enter into communion with the Divine and Sacred Eucharist. This is truly a special gift!

Years ago, growing up in Pennsylvania with my family we had many mixed marriages in close relatives. When attending their weddings, funerals, etc. in their churches all were invited to fully participate in their services. When it came to their attending our Catholic services they were told all were welcome, but NOT permitted to receive Holy Communion. Many were very upset and disturbed by this. They felt left out and thought they were considered unworthy! This law did not originate from God!

In our Eeshan Divine Liturgy of Cana service these words are read:

“Dear God, ALL are invited to the Cana Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife,

fulfilling the command for all to receive the Sacred Bread and Drink, encompassing ALL

people, regardless of gender, race, age, color, creed or sexual orientation as Jesus

treats ‘EVERYONE’ with the same respect no matter who they are.”

I know that if these family members were alive today they would all want to be a part of this religion. It is so special and significant words cannot express what the heart experiences. When the opportunity presents itself to you and you are able to attend our service, please do come! Your faith will be so enriched. We welcome you!

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