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Unconditional Love & Pets written by: Kallah Clare

EESHA has a beautiful teaching on this very subject of love & pets. You can watch it on YouTube with this link:

What is Unconditional Love? As Eeshan’s say, it is Trust, Charity, and Love; not misplaced compassion. Each person has there own version of the meaning of love, but we as Eeshan’s believe that unconditional love is also Metta. This comes from within the heart of the Divine (Love and Kindness). In Eesha’s book, Are You Still Mine?, I found it perfect in the way She made it so simple to understand by using our pets as a prime example of unconditional love.

Our pets have trust and unconditional love for us, as they approach us with an eagerness to bond and are non-judgmental. This is how we should approach God, with the same sincere eagerness of our pets, who love in a grander way. As God loves us “unconditionally” and is ready to forgive and non-complaining, our pets show the true example of the love as humans we should be practicing.

Pet’s are unique because they teach a kind of love that is shared between them and their owner that defines this type of love. A love that does not judge.

  1. Pets can get you moving

  2. Make you a better person

  3. And teach you to share in that love

God uses pets to bring out the best in someone they have a connection to. If this is how God can reach a person, He will do it by the use of a pet. I think of my pets throughout the years (I have a love for huskies and wolves).

We (my family and I) had 7 huskies and one wolf. At one point, we had 5 huskies all at the same time. As we lost them one by one, and so close together too, things became very hard. They were very much a part of us. They are pack animals, so they are very close to each other as well, and tend to miss one another. Lakota was the hardest when he passed on. He turn and looked at me and walked out his door and my heart broke, knowing he was telling me to let him go as he was saying goodbye. Then Chyanne went a few months later. We had to put her to sleep, but we stayed with her until she passed around 1am. Next Kody and Lukas went, and in less then a year, we lost 4 dogs. Each one was a huge part of our life.

This just shows you their meaning of “unconditional” love for each other. They could not be without each other, so they passed on because of old age.

Karma is left and she is our little girl. She's very much attached to us and big on traveling with us. She is pretty well known everywhere we go, every store and park. She is always greeted by everyone and she talks to them in her 'doggie' way. She brings the kindness and love out in the people she comes in contact with.

These pets become a part of us. This is where unconditional love comes. This is where Metta lives in each person and animal. This is how we can learn to treat each other better. If we need to show what unconditional love is to someone, this is an easy way. The action speaks for itself and the relationship.


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