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Thoughts On The Divine Feminine, Our Inner Superhero written by: Jessica Lukas

As I was walking earlier, I started thinking about the Divine Feminine. How She exists in all

people, not just women; and how She transcends all political, economic, social, and religious, among other classifications. She is the heart of us all. And I feel like when those who have a strong feminine side allow themselves to become tired or worn down by the matters of heart and the world we live in, we need to take time to reconnect with the Divine Feminine and allow for that transcendence to take place and restore peace and perspective. By doing this, we can get back to being the superheroes God has designed us all to be; using our talents and gifts to uniquely shape, shift, and solve the very same issues that try to overtake us in this life.

My love put it beautifully this morning when he said, “You may not need to do the things you do out of passion, but the world needs you to.” Because, only you can tell your story and share your gifts from your eyes and your heart, and every story is needed to complete this beautiful tapestry of our life together in this world, as humans and as souls.

Yes, there is the Divine Masculine as well that resides within each one of us- He is logical, direct, honorable, determined, and good- Jesus personifies the Divine Masculine and demonstrated this all throughout His life on earth. However, She is the perfect balance to each of these masculine qualities as He is to Hers, and this was perfectly realized through the love and marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Twin flames. Two as one, perfectly balancing the other.

Taking the time to learn about Them, and reflect on the correlation of Their love to the Divine Masculine and Feminine that exists within each one of us provides a deep and meaningful insight into who we are, why we feel the things we do, and most importantly, how to connect fully with this divinity in order to fully realize the strong, beautiful, one of a kind hero that God has created each of us to be.

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