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I Love Being a Woman written by: Kallah Lizzie

As recently posted on our Eeshan Question and Answer series on Baptism, Jesus said, “after God, woman is the most sacred being. She is the mother of the universe, and all the truth of divine creation lies in her. She is the basis of all that is good and beautiful as she is also the germ of life and death. On her depends the whole existence of man.”

It follows from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 12 that, “to whom much has been given, much will be demanded; and from the one entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” And woman says, “I am honored to share in the divine.”

Reflecting on the above, I remember from being a little girl, I always wanted to have babies. I watched 3 particular moms at our community pool in the summer return every year with a new babe in their clan... eventually totaling 7, 9, and 11 kids and I was in awe of them. The families filled the whole pool! I never forgot the strength and good humor of these moms.

I never planned to have a big family but I did; 8 healthy babies born at term and 2 angels. The world sees a miscarriage as the loss of a baby. Our Eeshan faith teaches that no matter how long you carry this life, it goes back to God without any need of Baptism as the blood and water from which it came was from God and blessed in Their image from conception. I learned from our Eesha that a pregnancy I thought I ‘lost’ at 3 months was in fact held in the arms of Our Lady who named her “Joy,” as my “yes” gave God great joy even though I never got to hold her. She has since been our family’s guardian angel and in particular the guardian angel of my next baby born (Margaret-- the yoga teacher)

In an excerpt from “Are You Still Mine?” Lesson 90 titled, Children, Eesha writes “When a child is not born either by miscarriage, or stillborn, Jesus calls it an angel. When a couple love each other so dearly, but could not have a child, Jesus says their love is begetting children all of the time.”

Being Eeshan has opened my heart and made it more tender. Learning the truths as God originally intended has made life more beautiful and so satisfying. Being a woman is a gift I never dreamed could hold so much love.

*Fun fact: I learned in nursing school that every woman who carries a daughter is actually carrying her own grandchildren as well! The baby in utero carries within her all the ova/singular egg cells she will ever have as potential boy or girl babies she may bear in her lifetime!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women and especially to Our Lady and our Eesha!

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Beautiful thank you.

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