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I Enjoy Being a Girl? written by: Kallah Philip

As a child I chafed at the lack of freedom my brothers enjoyed. I couldn't go with them on their adventures. They were right of course. I wouldn't enjoy being up all night, wet cold, soggy, trudging through brambles, up & down steep ravines, huddling by the fire. That wasn't me. I liked books, the piano and dancing. It's not that I couldn't enjoy more manly pursuits. I was called a tomboy! I got to tag along with my older brother when our mother insisted on it. He made sure I could hold my own in the "mock wars " with the other boys in the neighborhood. Back in those days when we weren't helping with household chores or learning useful skills, girls had to shift for themselves for entertainment. Training young girls for team sports so they could learn to be team leaders and team players came to a later generation.

So what does all this have to do with the Eeshan spirituality?

A large part of any spirituality is knowing. Knowing who you are. And knowing oneself is not possible without knowing God. A God who created you, uniquely you, to love and be loved. If you've kept up with our website, posts, etc. you'll note a decidedly feminist bent and if you are reading Are You Still Mine? by Eesha, you'll begin to understand why.

The Eeshan religion teaches that God is Masculine and Feminine. God is all genders. The truth of the Divine Feminine as part of God has been distorted and suppressed for millennia. And as we women tend to do, we carry on.

And here we are today.

The Divine Feminine is in our midst. She is here to bring that balance that is sacred. So sacred that just as the Godhead is balanced, so too Creation needs to balanced. "As above, so below." For women, bit by bit, the playing field has been leveled. Things are far from perfect and there are still cultures where women are less than second class citizens. But again, have faith for the Divine Feminine is in our midst. We see the courage of womanhood standing in testimony to the inequalities, mistreatment and abuse that was endured for centuries. No longer is this acceptable.

As more and more we begin to understand the nature of the mix of masculine and feminine qualities in each individual we begin to accept the strengths and vulnerabilities of each. We get to recognize the enigmatic qualities of each gender in ourselves. We can chuck out the prejudices and archetypes imbedded in our own cultural subconscious. Free ourselves to think more tolerantly of ourselves, of members of our families, and of friends and acquaintances. People can be accepted for who they are.

Somewhere along my personal spiritual journey I learned about a God who not only loved me, but even liked me. Feeling pretty? That was ok. It no longer was about being vain. And frankly, I've come to appreciate the more masculine qualities in myself. The rational and intuitive qualities while assigned to masculine vs feminine are not mutually exclusive.

The Sacred Balance brought by the recognition and acceptance of the Divine Feminine enhances the understanding of our own humanity regardless of distinctions. We are free to focus on the unity that exists in the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As we strive for sacredness and meaning, we are enfolded in Their love and experience being one with them in the Holy Eucharist of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife.


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