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Alleluia! Give Thanks


Jesus is Lord of all the earth

He is the King of Creation

Alleluia, Alleluia

Give thanks to the Risen Lord

Alleluia, Alleluia

Give praise to His name


Eesha is ever One with Christ's

Wife Mary Magdalen- our Co-Redeemer

Alleluia, Alleluia

Give thanks to the Wife of God

Alleluia, Alleluia

Give praise to Her name


Come lets us praise Melchizedek

And Blessed Mary His Wife and Queen

Alleluia, Alleluia

Let us joyfully thank our God

That Jesus has arisen

And now rules from This Throne

The Cana Liturgy

Eesha, Her Kallahs, and Chatans have put together  for you this Liturgy to experience for the


as a gift during this most powerful time of Easter! 

Please join us in your own homes by watching the Cana Liturgy below and


During Consecration, the Emerald Words are spoken by the Celebrant (Kallah Lizzie) with her hands covering her mouth as the other Kallahs and Chatans speak the words of Consecration.


Cana Liturgy

Cana Liturgy

Αναπαραγωγή βίντεο

Excerpt from Eesha Mary Ellen’s new book, Are You Still Mine?

Lesson 26

The First Kallahs


The women closest to Mary, who lived with Her and Jesus, were the first to experience Jesus’ private teachings, and when it came time for their public mission, the men could be chosen. It was these first women who participated in prayers and who Jesus taught, They learned techniques for worship services; and along with Him practiced privately. This was necessary as again, women were not familiar with religious ceremonies, except for what they heard, or witnessed during the preparation and serving food, or in other instances, what their husbands told them. 


With the growing number of women who would eventually join them, it would be these women of Mary Magdalen, that would bring alive the many stories and teachings of the marriage of Jesus and Mary in it’s most intimate nature…


Kallah means 'timeless brides.’ These were the first women apostles/priestesses, of whom nothing was ever said or written. These were the first to have received the sacred words of alchemy, which are necessary for the transubstantiation of the human gifts of bread and wine into the greatest of all alchemical wonders. 


What happened to them? After Jesus ascended, Peter forced the women out of their roles, by making them subservient. After he had enough of Mary Magdalen’s claims that Jesus was instructing Her, he had others force Her into exile in hopes She would die aboard a boat with no oars. Others who would not be subservient would be, by “God’s Law” (but in reality “man’s law”) arrested or put to death. Along with them, any evidence or memory of them, was destroyed or suppressed; and like Mary’s Consciousness, their consciousnesses would lay in a suspended state, until brought forward, once again, in these end times.


Excerpt from Eesha Mary Ellen’s new book, Are You Still Mine?

Lesson 45 

Understanding Jesus’ Sacrifice

When we think of the love that compelled Jesus to do His Father’s (‘only’ His Father’s as taught in Christian religions) and Mother’s will, we have to remember that in order to offer a salvific sacrifice, Jesus too, had to experience a very deep personal sacrifice, not just that of doing His Father’s/Mother’s will.


Think of how great a sacrifice it was for both Jesus and His parents and Jesus and His Wife. They had to give up the person They so deeply loved., who was Their whole world; and on a very deeply personal level, the thought of Jesus and Mary’s never having a human life and family together was devastating to Them; and Jesus’ arrest, scourging, and death on the Cross ripped through Mary’s heart, as well. God, as human beings, was not sheltered from the heartbreaks, heartaches, and endless difficulties we all face. Their life was from the beginning the ultimate sacrifice. 

AfterlightImage 2.JPG

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The Phenomena of Jesus and Mary as the Eucharist


What you are looking at is the miracle of the red host. The red host turned into heart tissue when it dropped on the floor and was put on this dish, fulfilling the promise Jesus made to Mary Ellen in the 1990s that He would send a sign for all to see. Years later in the early 2000s, looking at the picture, Jesus’ image appeared and within a week, so did Mary’s next to Him. If you notice, to the right of the picture is a hand holding bread, showing that the Two make up the host. 


Excerpt from Eesha Mary Ellen’s new book, Are You Still Mine?


Lesson 80


Door #10 The Ultimate Transcendental Experience


The Eucharist of the Marriage Feast: What Does It Do and Why is It Necessary?



The Eucharist of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and His Wife is the ultimate transcendental salvific experience. Because from the moment we consume this precious Sacred Food it causes us to be ushered immediately into God and God into us, simultaneously. When we consume this Spiritual Food (that contains within it all the Mysteries of the Marriage Feast as intended for our salvation), the energies of mind and emotion that we call thought and feeling through this introduction of spiritual Light, become a new energy pattern. This energy pattern resonates with, and increasingly conforms to, the Divine inner nature of each human being. This further emphasizes why mortal sin is contrary to divinity, and, thus, condemns the soul to hell. 


This in turn, will be manifested differently, since it affects the physical, mental, and emotional being, and since it separates out light and darkness at each level of experience, amplifying, and merging with that which is already light-filled within the self, and releasing and dissolving what is not capable in its essence of joining with the higher frequencies of light, this enables the consciousness that we have held within us for x-amount of years, the ability to change and transform, and desire to become the Divine blueprint God intended for us all along. What this means, is that this faith, hope, love, and desire for what Jesus has given us enables us to stay in the state of communion with the Divine Nature of and with God. By living in the state of grace, or purification, we would we living in a sacred and self-aware life on all levels, within this physical realm and beyond. That is why He taught about one’s inner light being put on a lamp stand, so that all may see by it. In this sense, He is guiding our light body, and in turn we guide others back to Him. Only the Eucharist of the Marriage Feast can bring that immortal part of us that can rise above the material world, and its darkness, towards Him, thus making us divinized. This is the means by which we may live transcendentally once again. 


Identifying Himself as the “Light of the world,” Jesus revealed He was more than just an enlightened man, but that He truly is God; and He does, as does His Eternal Consort, continue to awaken our inner light bodies with His words the moment we acknowledge Him. Simply, put, it is necessary for us to transform back into light to enter into heaven, and that is why there are just a few humans who have been allowed to enter heaven with gross physical bodies: Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdalen.  Jesus used the gifts of healing the sick, bringing people back to life, and walking on water to quantify His being the Light par excellence. that is why the connection of our light body to His is vital for eternal life. 


Comparing the earthly consciousness with the transcendental, and the need to nourish the souls and consciousness with light food, witnesses to the fullness of the person of Christ as was expressed in His words:

"Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. 

This is the Bread which comes down from heaven, that one

may eat of it and not die. I am the living bred which came 

down from heaven. If anyone eats this bread, he will live 

forever; and the bread that I shall give is the flesh, which [we]

will give for the life of the world."




“Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness,

and are dead. This is the Bread  which comes

down from heaven, that one may eat of it and

not die. I am the  living bread which came

down from heaven. If anyone eats this bread,

he will live  forever; and the bread that I shall

give is the flesh, which [We] will give for the

life of the world.”


If you notice, the scriptures taken from the Bible do not reflect Jesus and Mary Magdalen as One in the Eucharist. Therefore, the scriptures that we present show they were written under a patriarchal law and mindset from that time, which has continued UNTIL TODAY, when Eeshan’s bring the true story to light.

To learn more about this and the dimidiation of the Eucharist, purchase THE BOOK:

Are You Still Mine? by Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas 

AfterlightImage 19.JPG

Although strongly tempted to go with Him to the Garden of Olives, His eyes held Hers, bidding Her to remain. And so She stayed with the women after the Supper in the upper room. The women moved about quietly, speaking in hushed tones for the extraordinariness of the evening permeated the air. The very atmosphere seemed as an anointing for what lay ahead for them all. She understood as only She could. Jesus' sense of mission and the sorrow for this cup They both were to partake of.


If He shielded Her from the bloodier ravages of the Agony, from it's intensity in turning His sweat into drops of blood, She was no less tormented by the darkness, the sense of abandonment, and rejection by the very people They were sacrificing Themselves for. Some of Their closest companions weren't even able to fathom what was before their very eyes. This couple, Jesus and Mary, as man and woman were in Their prime.


Beautiful, charismatic, a worker of miracles, a holy man and His chosen Wife. In the prime of Their youth, the prime of Their passion for each other, and the prime of Their passion to accomplish the will of the Father. Perhaps, the very human, physical expressions, which aroused the jealousy in some, obscured the mystical, transcendental aspects of Their love.


All the intensity of Their love for one another is building it's momentum into an event promised by God. The salvation of the human race from the consequences of death. She can only think of Him. His longing for Her, matched Her longing for Him. His touch, His warmth, His caress; A glimmer of hope for the impossible, a reassurance that somehow everything was going to be okay.


Remembering Their mutual self-denial to never experience the fullness of a physical expression of Their love, an impulse took root in Her heart. She disrobed and quickly wrapped Herself in a white linen cloak. She would seek Him and comfort Him with the touch of Her skin, as only a wife could. How uncomplicated this love was. For when we are scared, feeling helpless and hopeless, wouldn't the touch and embrace of a loved one make it more bearable?

It was getting late, so She hurried towards the garden. Thomas running to catch up to her after hearing rumors about soldiers heading towards the garden, whispered loudly, “Mary stop!” As She reached the garden, the noise and shuffling of the soldiers was getting louder. It was already starting. They were here to arrest Him. There was no time. As the soldiers arrived, She heard a scuffle involving them and the men who were with Jesus. Paralyzed with fear for Jesus, Mary stood watching. Again Thomas called out, “Mary, get out! Run!” Mary looked back and ran towards Thomas who put his cloak around Her. The soldiers rushed in and She looked back at the very moment Judas kissed Jesus- and watched from the hidden place as they bound Her Beloved and were leading Him away. Another scuffle broke out. She couldn’t see what was happening. Though panicked and frightened for Him, Thomas whispered to Her that there was nothing She could do.  It was then when She realized Her sheet was left behind. The sheet apparently was torn off by a branch…


Adapted from the writings of Eesha

A Night of Passion 

written by: Kallah Phillip

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 9.25.13 PM.png
Tuesday Last Supper

Image is a still from the movie The Davinci Code



Tuesday, The Last Supper

According to Eeshans, the Last Supper was actually held on Tuesday, not Holy Thursday. This has long been debated, as most celebrate the Easter trilogy as Thursday, Friday, Saturday. In line with the series of events that took place, coupled with the consciousness of Mary Magdalen, the aforementioned does not work.

Eeshans are not the only ones in support of this belief, we recommend the following from a printed lecture by Dr. Jim Fleming called “The Context of Holy Week”:


Until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, no written source…indicated that Passover was observed more than one day a week. The Dead Sea Scrolls…confirm that the Qumran community observed Passover on Tuesday night…. For the temple calendar, a feast can be any day of the week, depending on that year’s calendar. But Qumran never had a feast on Sabbath…had very strict Sabbath laws.


Now consider what had to transpire for the Last Supper to be on Thursday night.

There is a 4-6 hour Passover meal beginning at sunset…went to Gethsemane, probably around midnight…Peter, James and John would try their best…pray awhile before they fell asleep. Then there were 6 inquiries, all with witnesses, before 9 am…why were all these priests doing this…when they were supposed to be having Passover? …After the Jewish inquiries, there were 3 Roman trials…. Then followed the negotiations for Barabbas…Jesus was scourged, carried the cross, and was on the cross at 9 am…. Add to this the legal requirement…that there must be at least 24 hours between the arrest and the verdict….


Another thing that would bother a Jew…would be having a trial on the eve of a feast or the eve of a Sabbath…if this was Friday morning, it was the eve of both a feast and the Sabbath. About the 3 Jewish inquiries that night, they were to see if there was enough evidence to hold him. They decided there was, that they should try him. So they waited at least 24 hours…he was taken to the Sanhedrin…Pilate…. There is evidence in the Gospel that there was a night between the 1st time Jesus was with…Pilate and the 2nd time: His wife’s dream.

Also, the book, The Mystery Of The Last Supper, written by Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University, uses Biblical, historical and astronomical research to address the fundamental inconsistency about the event.


"This has puzzled Biblical scholars for centuries. In fact, someone said it was 'the thorniest subject in the New Testament'," 

"If you look at all the events the Gospels record - between the Last Supper and the Crucifixion - there is a large number. It is impossible to fit them in between a Thursday evening and Friday morning."

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