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st. mary magdalen retreat house

Private Eastern Rite Chapel

Temple Beth Melchisreal


To Eeshan residents and the Eeshan Congregation, our property, The St. Mary Magdalen Retreat House, in Lehighton, Pennsylvania is known as "The Place." This name is not accidental. All is attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, whom we believe was the instrument in leading to the purchasing of this beautiful “mansion on the hill” as it was called by the locals. As early as the 12th century, we believe that this is the “Place” that St. Francis of Assisi prophesied that in a vision he saw a Place where there will be continuous prayer. Vague? May be to some; but not for Eeshans and this is why.



 In 1998, it was decided by our Lord, that it was time that the Bridegroom and the Bride had a place to call Their own. By this time, our Foundress had 'decided' to remove herself from the 'public eye' after already fulfilling God’s directive to teach the people. It became almost impossible to find a Church or Priest that could secure the faith of those people who had already left the Church and wanted a place to go to without judgment, condemnation, abuse etc. Settlement on The Place happened December 23, 1999, and on December 24, 1999, a large sign was erected on the property with this message: THERE IS ROOM IN THIS INN! Jesus led OUR EESHA to this property. Here she would be cared for and would continue to teach without distraction. Here she would prepare for the greatest of all undertakings: the resurgence of the true, transcendental Religion. It does not present new doctrines of Jesus BUT re-presents Jesus as He truly was and what He truly taught.



With no money to afford such a property, Eesha decided to go to the one in whom she put her trust- St. Francis. A group of pilgrims traveled to Assisi to present the plans and costs necessary to make this dream a reality. In order to accomplish what God desires, we must want and desire it as much as God. Upon arriving back home to our own Porziuncola, a generous man of faith, felt it in his heart, to loan us the money. 


Next, a most unbelievable happening took place. On a particular day, several people experienced a vision. Not just a thought- but an actual vision- with the directive from Jesus to build a Chapel. Not just any Chapel- a Throne Room, built only by Jesus' directives- meaning without blue prints.  Needless to say, people began donating towards the “Throne Room” our Private Eastern Rite Chapel of Temple Beth Melchisreal, in order that this 'Place' this 'Wilderness' would fulfill scriptures.


The three men who were called by God to build the Chapel, soon volunteered to build a Bell Tower, once again with no BLUE PRINTS or experience- in order that the Bells toll of God's Presence.


Without a doubt, God was pleased as immediately many mystical phenomena occurred and continue to take place.  

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*Due to security, access to St. Mary Magdalen Retreat House can ONLY be attained by INVITATION or PERMISSION.

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