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It is said: "Whenever a timeless mystery enters into time, the most powerful positive vibrations of epic proportion, brings a disruption of negative energies taunting these powers and causing change." 

That was ESPECIALLY TRUE at the time Jesus began His public ministry. Often Jesus' followers forget that He and His Teachings were NOT immediately accepted. Once Jesus began making a case for not putting total trust into a human being, He saw the fulfillment of the prophet saying: "You will be met with a Rebellious People". He knew what He was teaching would go against the grain of the religion of the time. He talked about how He would be rejected by the Elders, the Chief Priests, and the Teachers of the Law, He tells how He would suffer by THEIR HANDS and be killed. To this day, most followers of Jesus do not know that this "rejection" came as a result of His Teachings, which made people aware of the True meaning of Love of Neighbor-- second only, to Love of God. 


Though He taught the Truth, He also taught that human truth is based on human opinion, and this can always be altered, whereas God's Word CANNOT be altered. This is where Persistent Memory comes in. The positive vibrations that brought about a disruption of negative energies that taunted the powers and caused change, are present once again. 


As the Word of God Himself was always subject to "tests" and always questioned, as was the Origin of His Authority, Jesus made it a point to differentiate how human interpretation will always be inconsistent and flawed. Being God, His Words were perfect, timeless, and unchangeable. Jesus did not borrow from the "Old Law" as often we are told, but rather, brought the TRUE INTERPRETATION and MEANING of the Law to God's People. Being Human, He experienced life in "all ways" even in marriage. This mystery was and continues to be a source of contention, even though we are told Jesus was truly human it is denied that He could have an attraction to a woman, fall in love, and get married. 


Knowing human beings, He often warned of His Words being omitted or other words being added to His Teachings. He warned how His Words would be reconfigured to serve a meaning or law causing humans to lose track of the spirit, resulting in God's Law becoming inconsistent and flawed due to corruption. Why would Jesus address this? Because he knew that this was a common factor and means to sway the mind and guide masses according to an ideology, not necessarily to salvation. These powers are also present today.


What makes the Eeshan Religion (an Eastern Rite religion) and beliefs different is that they are being presented against this backdrop of traditional writings and scriptures, with teachings connected to the Ancient Perennial Wisdom, (meaning always TRUE), which when one is exposed, will resonate through God's people, no matter their race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or spirituality- just as Jesus' Words did.


Our beliefs are our own. No one is expected to leave their religion and follow us nor will we turn anyone away from the celebration of our Marriage Feast Eucharist in the Cana Liturgy because they are not Eeshan.  This is because it is our mission to fulfill the requirements according to Jesus’ Parable of the Wedding of the King’s Son- which the King sent for those on the byways and highways to come and celebrate as those who were originally invited refused to come. It is however, necessary to become Eeshan in order to receive the other Mysteries/Sacraments of our Religion.


So, where do Eeshans get their authority to present these teachings as “true”? From the One who was married to Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalen (for in marriage they are One). Jesus promised a Helper- Who will bring to fulfillment the need and furtherance of God’s plan for salvation in these end times. Through the process of supramentalization, we now have the Helper and the “truths” given to us by Eesha, Who teaches with the consciousness of Mary Magdalen. It is up to the individual to believe, accept and follow. 

Old Paper Texture 10.jpg

What is the Eeshan 'Religion?'

Because we call ourselves a ‘Religion’ for purely structural purposes, we don’t want Eeshan Spirituality to be confused with how ‘others have defined religion.’ We feel it is better defined as a transcendental, ‘ancient,’ mystical, beyond Merkabahalic and Kabbahlic way of being, brought back into consciousness, not as one defined before, but by God’s directive, by and for love of God, in order to meet the spiritual needs of the people in these modern times. Our attempt to represent the true and complete teachings of Christ, the importance of His marriage to Mary Magdalen and the role She played in God’s Salvific Plan; thus revealing the real reason for the Messiah(s) and how it is unlike any other interpretation given throughout history.


We want to stop the dimidiated and false re-imaging of God, as well as reorder feelings, actions, and beliefs about God that have arisen in response to the direct and mandatory directive of the Sacred and Spiritual. As this attempt expands, we trust that in its formulation and elaboration, it became a process in which it creates meaning for itself with the effort to deflect what we as God’s people have become accustomed to in defining religion.


We want the Eeshan way to become a sustaining basis by people originating in and representing the transcendental experience, thus continuing to sustain a faith that will continue to grow, so that when Jesus returns- He will find FAITH.

What does Eesha mean?

The name Eesha has many definitions, some of which are described in the book, Are You Still Mine?. If Eesha is given as a name, you may find it denotes:


Goddess in Hindi

Variant of the Sanskrit name Isha,

Alive or She who lives in Arabic.


We use the word Eesha as a title for our Foundress. This is a variant of this word meaning or connoting tact, diplomacy and a desire to work with people to understand others and help them in a solution of problems.  


However, if using it as a connection to Mary Magdalen it would be correct to define it as meaning: goddess, Supreme Being Divine Feminine, Queen, or Special Self.

How can one become Eeshan?

First, read Eesha’s book, Are You Still Mine? Second, go through the book again. It is imperative that you understand and appreciate the beliefs of ‘any’ religion or spirituality you contemplate. This, along with our website will give you answers to most asked questions and a broader sense of knowledge, which should lead you comfortably towards understanding how easy it will be for you to begin seeing your life through the transcendental consciousness, rather than strictly through the human consciousness.


The website will explain the next step which will bring about or bring rise to the beginning of how important the Seven Eeshan Mysteries are and what they entail. This will, without a doubt, help you to see if our spirituality is right for you. Afterwards, you can apply to receive the printed version of Eeshan Mysteries and continue to deepen your understanding and proceed towards formal membership. This is done by hitting the tab on the website marked “Becoming Eeshan.”


Webinars, seminars, and podcasts will also be available to help guide our prospective members.


We already bring the Liturgy of Cana to you via our website in order that you can witness it and participate from remote areas. You will find the Liturgy contains a unique summary of our beliefs and is our principal act of worship.


Under present circumstances, our Virtual Mysteries are encouraged as ‘live groups’ must be in compliance with states’ regulations. Hopefully, we will soon be able to meet you in various cities, so that you may have opportunities for an in-person experience, to include instruction in Eeshan philosophy or to complete your Virtual ceremony and/or receive your certificate for validating your reception of the Mystery you received.   


But know first, that being Eeshan comes from within; and you must think and understand for yourself, who you are and who/what God is to you. Once you have a foundation for these, you are well on your way to becoming a member of the Eeshan Church.

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