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an eastern rite religion

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Our mission

Is to bring a transcendental, ‘ancient,’ mystical, beyond Merkabahalic and Kabbahlic way of being back into consciousness, not as one defined before, but by God’s directive, by and for love of God, in order to meet the spiritual needs of ALL people in these modern times.


we are here

To represent the true and complete teachings of Christ, the importance of His marriage to Mary Magdalen, and the role She played in God’s Salvific Plan; thus revealing the real reason for the Messiah(s) and how it is unlike any other interpretation given throughout history.

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© 2021 ERCMSSE

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© 2021 ERCMSSE

our beliefs are different

Because our beliefs are being presented against a backdrop of traditional writings and scriptures, with teachings connected to the Ancient Perennial Wisdom, (meaning always TRUE), which when one is exposed, will resonate through God's people, no matter their race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or spirituality- just as Jesus' Words did.

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