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Mercury Retrograde or Mercury Gateway? written by guest writer: Margaret Clark

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hi Astrologers and astrology lovers,

Did you know that what is now considered Mercury retrograde in modern times was considered the "Mercury Gateway" in ancient times? According to writings and legends, St. Michael the Archangel was known to be the guardian of the Mercury Gateway, a portal of sorts that would open 3 times a year, so that humans could communicate more directly with God, our higher selves, and our loved ones who have passed on to the higher dimension.

Over millennia, negative energies and forces have taken it upon themselves to mask this Gateway, attempting to cut off our transcendental ability to communicate and feel God’s presence/guidance in our everyday lives and search for the spiritual. That could be a possible reason why the terminology 'retrograde' was chosen to describe this Mercurial reoccurring event.

Today, astrologers attempt to shed light on the word retrograde, because it’s “negative connotation” has grown increasingly popular. We see it on social media through memes and gifs all the time, depicted as a tri-yearly event that completely messes with our lives. This is funny, because in a way Mercury “retrograde” very much fits the well known attributes of Mercury; as the Greek God in mythology (also called Hermes) has been depicted as a mischievous trickster of sorts.

What if in actuality, Mercury’s methods of providing insight and communication, were adapted through the lens of the human consciousness to keep us from understanding and experiencing the truth, by simply asking for it in the times of Mercury retrograde? We have been programmed to dread the seasons of Mercury retrograde during the year and avoid communication, when we really should be using those times as a means to develop transcendentally and therefore spiritually under the guidance and protection of Michael the Archangel.

Mercury is the planet of communication. It is the planet associated with the 5th chakra, which is the throat/thorax. The throat gives us the means to communicate with one another on a material level while the 5th chakra gives us the ability to communicate on a subtle energy level as the gateway between the heart and the third eye.

Mercury is attributed like I said earlier, to the Greek god Hermes (evening star), Apollo (morning star), and the Egyptian god Thoth. Obelisks and temples were built in honor of these ancient gods in order to ask for their help in communicating with the spiritual realms. As time passed, these ancient religions, cultures, and mythologies were taken over by the Romans and Christians. They re-imaged these obelisks and therefore covered up the true role that these structures may have played in honoring and developing a connection to the Divine.

It has been said, though not all agree, that the Freemasons helped reconsecrate, redistribute, and build obelisks all over the world to honor Michael the Archangel. Perhaps to shed light on their possible connection to the Mercury Gateway?

For example, the Washington Monument is known to have been built by the help and inspiration of Freemasonry, as George Washington himself was a Freemason. Inside the Washington Monument is an Egyptian symbol of a winged disc with a six pointed star in it’s center. This Egyptian symbol is meant to represent the, "elevation of consciousness,” and is positioned right above the entrance to the ‘elevator’ that takes you to the top of the monument. At the top of the monument is an aluminum capstone inscribed on the east face, facing the rising sun are the words, Laus deo meaning “praise be to God.” This symbolism illustrates the concept of the Mercury Gateway, a portal through which communication and connection to God is prominent.

It is also no coincidence that Michael the Archangel traverses all religions and cultures. He has communicated with them all, providing protection, guidance, and connection to the Divine in trying times.

We just passed through the first Mercury retrograde, or should I say Mercury Gateway, of this year in March. Today is April 3rd, where Mercury and Neptune are in conjunction in the sign of Pisces. The planet of communication and the planet of spiritualism are joined together in the sign of Pisces, which just so happens to be the most psychic and intuitive sign in all the zodiac. This day, is a day to lift the veil of illusion from your eyes and start to discover the truth, and perhaps ask Saint Michael the Archangel to guide you and protect you on your journey of seeking the truth.

Speaking of seeking the truth, if you would like to see more clearly things that have been hidden away that you may feel drawn towards, like astrology, then you should look into learning more about the Eeshan Religion by reading, Are You Still Mine? by Eesha Mary Ellen Lukas. Now is the perfect time to read this book, which is designed to help you activate your transcendental consciousness and uncover truths that have been hidden away.

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